Modest Mob

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Find me now at Modest Mob. Modest Mob, the store, is coming very soon. Please keep your eyes and ears open.


Vans Custom Made Robert Verdi Slip Ons

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Okay, a long title for good reason. How amazing are these custom made slip ons from Vans? There for Robert Verdi, and Vans used Verdi’s own personal collection of Hermes scarves. Can Hermes and Vans please do a collab? Oh. I used to work at Vans in college. Not of the Hermes variety, that’s for sure.

Robert Verdi Hermes Vans Slip Ons

via Honestly, WTF.

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The Perfect Home

Posted in Decorating by MixShakePour on May 20, 2011

I found the perfect inspiration for my future home. My lease isn’t up for another year or so–which means a good 10 months of hoarding really beautiful things.

Little Brown Pen‘s really perfect home.

A little bit mid century modern, a little bit of glam–I would change the chandelier though–a tad too shabby chic. Le sigh.

Jenny Shimizu x StyleLikeU

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Tomayto Tomato

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Fresh to death, Rainbow Brite.

Tomato Gradiating Salad

via Design*Sponge

Santigold//////Lights Out

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I want to puke gold glitter.

Luxirare Mini Vest

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This girl is a freaking genius. My jaw was on the desk while reading this whole entry. The molded cross vest paired with the stark white outfit. The Margiela cut-out blazer. The long Jil Sander blazer. Where in god’s name did she come from?

Shop Luxirare

A Peace Treaty

Posted in Accessories by MixShakePour on February 3, 2011

Buy at A Peace Treaty.

This necklace is currently sold out…but their other items are beautiful! The one ring I had my eye on is sold out as well.

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Cire Trudon Stink Bombs

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“Stink Bombs! I’ve been oh so curious about these little glass vials filled with scents since i first heard about them that Cire Trudon became one of my first stops in NYC. Honestly, they completely fascinate and baffle me. Its DANGEROUS! Smashing a glass vial?!?! Does the act of the glass breaking and mixing with air enhance the scent? Would a few droplets from a dropper have the same effect? Yet, there’s something so fun about the danger…” –NotCot

via NotCot

Leila Shams

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I saw this shirt on Man Repeller (my fave blog, EVER). I love the asymmetrical lines+ the kitschy alligator print. agh. so perfect.