MixShakePour: Forever 21 Nail Polish in Light Grey

Posted in Beautify by MixShakePour on May 9, 2010

Grey Nail Polish, $2.80

Ignore the poor paint job. I am in love with this grey nail polish from Forever 21 ($2.80). Sure, it got goopy quickly after I bought it (three weeks to be exact), but I’ve been painting and re-painting my nails this color for that long, too. It’s the perfect concrete color with a slight blue undertone.

And the reason I’m holding a Stella Artois? Our fridge is currently stocked with a HUNDRED bottles. I won’t divulge the way we got so many, but I will say that my roomate and her boyfriend rock. Sure, we have no food, but beer is liquid bread anyway, right?

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  1. jenko said, on May 9, 2010 at 7:20 am

    forever 21 has grey nail polish???? im getting mine tomorrow!! thanks diana.

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