MixShakePour: Spitfire ps 135

Posted in Accessories by MixShakePour on May 9, 2010

In a late night online shopping frenzy (3 am, 4 vodka tonics in) I found and purchased some sunglasses I had been on the hunt for! These Persol Vintage Round sunglasses ($320) had originally piqued my interest but they were a bit out of my price range, considering my consistent and annoying habit of leaving my personal effects at places I cannot recall.

Persol Vintage Folding Glasses, $320

Find them at Polyvore.

I scoured Downtown LA’s fashion district, and sifted through vintage sunnies at the flea market only to come home empty handed and disappointed. Lo and behold, I found some really amazing ones at RevolveClothing.com. And these babies only set me back $33 bucks!

Spitfire ps135 in Grey

Ok, ok, the mace is overkill. I swear it wasn’t supposed to make it into the shot. But I liked that it was appropriately hanging around next to the boldfaced Spitfire logo.

Spitfire ps135 in Grey

Sunglasses, indoors at night. Obviously.

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