MixShakePour: Trader Joe’s Macarons vs. Paulette Macarons

Posted in Food by MixShakePour on May 10, 2010

I go to my mom’s house today, ’cause it’s Mother’s Day, right? My sister is taking a midday Sunday nap. So as the older sister, I do what responsible older sisters do. I crawl into her bed and bother her until she wakes up to entertain me. My sister, fed up, leads me elsewhere: “There are macarons downstairs! Go eat some”, she cries in sleep-riddled despair. It gets the job done and I’m outta there. Fast.

Trader Joe’s Vanilla and Chocolate Macarons

They’re super sweet. Chocolate is chocolate-ey and vanilla is vanilla-ey. It would definitely do in a Macaron Emergency, but nothing can be Paulette’s Earl Grey macaroon. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

Paulette Macarons, Beverly Hills

The Earl Grey ones are green. They are perfectly soft and crispy at the same time without being overwhelmingly sweet and really taste like the tea sans sugar. You know that first piping hot sip you take and it just makes the world okay? Paulette somehow captured it in their macaron.


I’m going to go drink water to fill my belly. I’m sad this is not in my mouth right now.

images via curiousmango and sufizner


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