Tomayto Tomato

Posted in Art, Food by MixShakePour on March 21, 2011

Fresh to death, Rainbow Brite.

Tomato Gradiating Salad

via Design*Sponge


Porn: Things Organized Neatly

Posted in Art, Design, Food, Random by MixShakePour on November 30, 2010

This is my porn. Fantastic blog, “Things Organized Neatly“.

MixShakePour: Hopsicles

Posted in Food by MixShakePour on August 11, 2010

Beer push popsicles. ‘Nuff said!

via Valet

MixShakePour: popbar, NYC

Posted in Art, Food, Travel by MixShakePour on August 4, 2010

Okay, maybe I would move to NYC for these popsicles from popbar. So great looking!

Hey New Yorkers! Go here, eat these, and send me a full report!

image via Oh Happy Day!

MixShakePour: Salmon Salad

Posted in Art, Food by MixShakePour on July 13, 2010

It’s finally warmed up in LA. All I want to eat today is cold, crisp salad. What a perfectly simple way to do it:

image via Cannelle et Vanille

MixShakePour: Cherry Pie

Posted in Decorating, Food, Random by MixShakePour on July 6, 2010

It was a Very American Celebration this weekend. There’s nothing more American or delicious than cherry pie. I had some this weekend that was nowhere near how good this looks.

I love my cherry pie!

Recipe at Smitten Kitchen

MixShakePour: Happy Fourth of July Weekend

Posted in Food by MixShakePour on July 2, 2010

via BuzzFeed and recipe by 17 and Baking

MixShakePour: BevShots, Alcohol Under a Microscope

Posted in Art, Food, Random by MixShakePour on June 23, 2010

“A company called Bevshots has produced a series of shots of booze under the microscope at the Florida State University’s chemistry labs. The process consist of letting a droplet of liquor dry out completely on a slide in an airtight container, and photographing the result with a 35mm camera. The entire process can take up to three months and as many as 200 attempts to properly capture the drink’s constituent parts.”

Wow. No wonder we have such a good time on the weekends. It’s a party in our bodies!

Dry Martini



White Russian

And my good friend, Vodka.

via Amusing Planet

MixShakePour: Bar Bouchon Beverly Hills Happy Hour

Posted in Food by MixShakePour on June 22, 2010

Oh my god.

Bar Bouchon’s Happy Hour begins today.

via Grub Street LA

MixShakePour: Andrew Kim x Coca Cola

Posted in Art, Design, Food, Random by MixShakePour on June 21, 2010

Andrew Kim’s design for a more sustainable Coke bottle is well executed and it seems that every detail is covered. These have collapsing ribs for more recycling room and the square shape for more bottles in each packing container.

Find Andrew Kim

via Food Diggity via Core 77