Luxirare Mini Vest

Posted in Accessories, Art, Clothing, Design by MixShakePour on February 10, 2011

This girl is a freaking genius. My jaw was on the desk while reading this whole entry. The molded cross vest paired with the stark white outfit. The Margiela cut-out blazer. The long Jil Sander blazer. Where in god’s name did she come from?

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MixShakePour: Luxirare Studded Jacket

Posted in Accessories, Art, Clothing by MixShakePour on June 7, 2010

Ji from Luxirare is the most painfully cool blogger on the web. Her studded jacket looks amazing and is probably exceedingly heavy and dense–the signs of any well made piece of hardware. I love it.

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MixShakePour: Luxirare’s E-Shop!

Posted in Art, Clothing, Food by MixShakePour on May 11, 2010

My god. Luxirare finally opened her e-shop and almost all her original items are sold out. This is my favorite blog. I wish she updated everyday, but her items and subsequent photoshoots of said items are so time consuming she can only grace us with her art once every two weeks.

Check out her blog post on parfait. This is NOT your Mcdonald’s dollar parfait (as good as dollar parfaits are).

via Luxirare
via Luxirare
via Luxirare
via Luxirare

She puts this much time into the clothing, accessories, shoes and jewelry she makes, too. Looks like I was a bit late to the opening of her store. Inspiration!

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